Petciepet is online animal and pet community where you will find exciting stories about animal and pet around the world. 


When you log on to Petciepet, you create profile. You can use this Profile as individual pet owner, pet manager, organisation, company profile etc.

As of yet we do not have any page option. Our aim is to keep things simple so the profile will function as both profile and page, it depend how you want to use it. 

Pet Profile/page:

Once you make your account, you have the option to create your pet profile If are a pet owner, if you are an organization like an animal rescuer, zoo, etc. you can create animal's profile and share their stories with the world. 


The post gives you the ability to share, images, videos, articles, create polls, and do many exciting things.


You can create articles from your post section. As the name suggests you can publish articles, blogs, studies, reports, etc.